Theme Overview: Widening Horizons

The wide world is all about you,” writes JRR Tolkien in The Fellowship of the Ring, “you can fence yourselves in, but you cannot forever fence it out.” Travel changes us if we allow it to. It teaches us about ourselves and about the people we encounter, broadening our horizons and generating empathy by the simple act of being close to a stranger. For the writers of this month’s theme, travel has also revealed truths about living justly at home and abroad.

final-grey Michael Rau explains the way travel is embedded in his identity as a multicultural individual.

final-grey Rebekah Nivala uses her experience with Indonesian traffic as an example of justice in context.

final-grey Jamie T. Jones describes how travel has made him more open-minded and able act justly wherever he is.

final-grey Jeffrey Pond learns how to be a bridge-builder in Jordan by understanding and being understood.





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