Our Team

Elisabeth Stringer

Outreach Coordinator

As a writer and anthropologist based near Chicago, Elisabeth is passionate about finding great stories and helping people tell them.


Sarah Holcomb


Sarah is a writer and editor based in Washington D.C.  She enjoys documenting daily life, discovering new podcasts, reflecting on the metro, and finding any chance to listen and learn from changemakers around the world.


Sherry Kang

Publishing Coordinator

Sherry is an aspiring creative based in Chicago. She enjoys reading books from a wide range of genres and is a firm believer in continuous learning.


 Johanna Depenthal

Co-founder; Editor

Johanna is an observer and learner. Fascinated by the natural and social world alike, she loves pointing out the minute behavior of insects and striking up long conversations with strangers. During her most recent plane flights, she learned a great deal about Puerto Rican environmental regulations and diesel engines on cargo ships from her seatmates. Her greatest accomplishment of the past year is learning to drive stick-shift.


Emily Sargent


Emma is a listener and an aspiring writer. She loves learning as much as possible about the stories in the people and places around her; most recently, this has meant gaining an in-depth knowledge of ice cream production and hearing from her grandfather about life in pre-electrified rural Vermont. In her spare time, Emma enjoys hiking, drinking coffee, and sporadically attempting to learn the guitar.



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