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  • Meeting neighbors across borders

    Meeting neighbors across borders

    A narrative of inclusion and exclusion lies at the core of the immigration crisis in the United States. Why we cannot let “neighbors” be defined by borders.

  • Welcoming refugees, starting in our city

    Welcoming refugees, starting in our city

    Today —January 21, 2020 — would have marked a deadline set by President Trump’s Executive Order 13888, designed to put a stop to refugee resettlement in the U.S. The order required state governors to decide whether they would request to resettle refugees into their state, or stick to the administration’s status quo and be automatically…

  • Theme Overview: Migration

    Theme Overview: Migration

    In national and international stories about migration, it’s not uncommon for statistics, policies, and political leaders to star as lead characters. Meanwhile, many of us encounter a very different migration story in everyday life — one that centers our friends, neighbors, communities, or perhaps ourselves.  Two U.S.-based writers are inviting us to look at the…

  • Refugees, Employment, & a Front Row Seat to Resilience

    Refugees, Employment, & a Front Row Seat to Resilience

    Written by Dan Peterson // A collection of things occur both internally and externally when a person is forced to flee in order to secure the safety of both their own life and that of their family. The journey and traumas along the way often lead a person to deeply question their self-efficacy. A primary…

  • Writing Hope in Tragedy

    Writing Hope in Tragedy

    Written by David Lui // It was the summer of 2008. Bryan Mills’ (Liam Neeson) daughter had been taken, leading to his iconic monologue to the kidnappers: “I will look for you, I will find you, and I will kill you.” I almost squealed with excitement when the reply came: “Good luck.” It was all…