Theme Overview: Mental Health – Healing in a Broken World

Across ages, oceans, and cultures, the intersection between mental health and justice overflows in a myriad of ways. How we understand ourselves and our traumas, our fears and our environment, draw us into deeper forms of empathy and awaken our desire for justice to “roll like a river” in a world in which there is good and beauty residing in the very midst of evil and brokenness.

final-grey Camilla Friend’s work as a counsellor reminds us that, in a society where it’s so easy to dehumanize the most vulnerable, seeing another person as a human being is the vital first step toward flourishing.

final-grey Orlando Dobbin writes about how, in a country full of turmoil, providing counseling for children is a profound act of justice.

final-grey Jason Moon shares his personal experience of how, in the places of deepest trauma, music and storytelling can be powerful tools for healing.

final-grey Aimee Fouche shares reflections on her work in South Africa; in a country where socioeconomic status often dictates too much of a person’s life, providing a listening ear and a safe circle for children proclaims equality for the most vulnerable.

final-grey Mandy Kellums Baraka reflects on how, in a world that devalues justice and undermines empathy, the very language of faith can be an anthem for justice and love.



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