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  • Ritual & Risks in Ethiopian Coffee Ceremonies

    Ritual & Risks in Ethiopian Coffee Ceremonies

    Written by Chris Keil // I am seated with new friends and acquaintances in a small main room of a small home in Ethiopia. A wonderful mix of smells swirls around the group as we chat about family, professional projects, and world affairs. The fragrance of burning eucalyptus charcoal and incense permeates the space. Soon,…

  • Cultivating an “Agri-culture” of Justice

    Cultivating an “Agri-culture” of Justice

    Written by Gretchen Rops // Agriculture is unique. Is there any other discipline that so effortlessly combines science and art? Care for the environment and care for people? Occupation and lifestyle? The potential for agriculture to promote justice is immense. Justice mandates that all people be fed. Justice mandates that the earth be cared for…

  • Theme Overview: Youth on a Quest

    Theme Overview: Youth on a Quest

    What place do youth hold in our communities? The word “youth” is often associated with being carefree or consumed with superficial problems. However, each of the authors below presents a far more complex perspective on youth. Their experiences working with young people reveal both the difficulties and the possibilities of this energetic demographic of youth…