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  • Around-the-Table Hospitality

    Around-the-Table Hospitality

    Written by Heather Spanogle // Hospitality has found me in the most unusual places: where I don’t deserve it, where I don’t expect it, where I find myself wondering if, in a similar situation, I would’ve extended the same grace.   My husband and I are currently living in Indonesia, working with international college students…

  • My Journey Searching for Beauty

    My Journey Searching for Beauty

    Written by Eva Lee // I am in a journey. Before I was born, I was with my sweet Lord. He could place me in any family and in any country. But He chose to place me in a small family in Hong Kong. My mother had one miscarriage before having me. So I became…

  • An Opened Door

    An Opened Door

    Written by Evangeline Van Den Berg // One of my earliest memories is of a home where a knock on the door meant the kettle was immediately filled and set on the always-burning old stove. Within moments of stepping into the well-used kitchen of the parsonage, which was our home, visitors would be offered a…

  • Theme Overview: Hospitality Speaks

    Theme Overview: Hospitality Speaks

    What is hospitality, exactly? The word may conjure up images of home-cooked meals, of neat hotel rooms. For the storytellers speaking into this conversation, hospitality is an opportunity: an outpouring of love and care expressed to all people. It’s not always tidy, of course, and these storytellers would be the first to tell you about…

  • Talking Our Way to Transformation

    Talking Our Way to Transformation

    Written by Johanna Depenthal // Folk wisdom claims that words are the ineffective opposite of action.  “Sticks and stones may break my bones, but words can never hurt me,” children boast on the playground.  “Words can’t do it justice,” we say, marveling at something we are powerless to describe.  “Actions speak louder than words,” we…

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