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  • Houston Strong: Turning Trauma into Hope

    Houston Strong: Turning Trauma into Hope

    Written by Camille Frey // The neighborhood I live in is one of the most diverse neighborhoods in Houston. Refugees, immigrants, African Americans, Vietnamese, Latinx, and whites call it home. With this great ethnic, racial, and cultural diversity comes the beautiful mosaic of stories lived by its citizens. As I moved into the neighborhood in…

  • What Comes the Day After the Disaster?

    What Comes the Day After the Disaster?

    Written by Charlie Labarda // It was going to be a hot day. The sun was up, but the electricity was down. We were in one of the relocation sites for families displaced by Super Typhoon Haiyan (local name Yolanda)—the strongest storm to make landfall on record last November 2013. We were there as volunteers…

  • Theme Overview: Disaster Relief & Recovery

    Theme Overview: Disaster Relief & Recovery

    “What comes the day after a disaster?” That’s the question one of the authors for this theme begins by wondering. For those of us not directly in the wake of natural disasters and not actively involved in relief work, the drama of a recent hurricane or landslide might seem artificially short-lived. We see the news-stories…