Theme Overview: Collective Action-Creating a Community of Justice

Human beings are social creatures. Most things we do, we end up doing in a group, as a collective. But there are, of course, several ways to participate in the group. Some of us do things together by accident, following a type of “herd mentality” or “groupthink.”

The authors who contribute to this conversation believe in the power of intentionally working together to seek justice. Such collective action takes thought, and requires us to care not only for our causes but also for the people we work with. But all three of our contributors will tell you that intentional collective action towards justice is worth the effort. Listen in as

final-grey Calvin Allen talks with the Streetside team about the impact collective action can have in rural economic development.

final-grey Austin Farrow reflects on the development of a “community consciousness,” and articulates how we can train ourselves to value others by working alongside them for justice.

final-grey Daniel Hudson shares his thoughts on the way rallies, protests, and other types of collective activism can train people to practice justice in more tangible ways.






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